I have probably been eating too much of it over the last few weeks, but I have to admit it looks as good as it tastes. I can't get enough Caramel.  What is not to love about these pieces from Alexander McQueen.  The colours are so natural, the shoes and purses are built for longevity, and that fabulous belt is so versatile.  It seems Sarah Burton knows exactly where to take the AMQ brand.  I think she is doing a great job, and I was worried..

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  1. I could do the fourth and the last! Love caramels, too, but like chips, you can't eat just one!

  2. The black dress is gorgeous. My daughter is getting married in January. It would be a beautiful brides dress if it was creamy white.

  3. I love caramel - both the colour in clothing and the food...mmmm Caramilk bar....

    Have a great weekend Vie!

  4. Two words: I want! Simply magnificent...Indeed, you're *spot on* about Sarah Burton...Taking the AMQ collection(s)in the the coorect direction.
    Oh how I love this post and the color of caramel.


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