It's Beginning to look...


Is it possible that I am already feeling like I am behind?  It isn't event December yet, but we are less than a month away.  The neighbours have the lights up, and wreaths hung.  It's going to have to wait until next weekend, because even though I am itching to fill my home with holiday spirit, I always wait for December to hit.  I think I have finally gathered enough ornaments to be able to theme a tree this year.  Will it be cream and gold, or white and green, or rustic with pops of red?  No one knows; that would because whatever my vision the cuckoos usually have a say and will probably want to thread popcorn all over it.  I think I should get them little mini trees to decorate in their own rooms..Too much?  What are your plans?

Images via Country Living

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  1. In blogland I think I feel behind with every decorating though and once I do there is generally no stopping me:) My youngest begged for a litlte tree in his room so I found a small one, about 3 feet that we put in his room with a string of colored lights (his choice) he knows colored lights are banned from the rest of the house, lol.
    Happy decorating!

  2. L'ambiance de noël est au seuil de beaucoup de portes... Gros bisous

  3. That first picture is so pretty, love all the neutrality and yet somehow its a perfect space.

  4. all of these images are so comfortable and cozy looking. They make you feel like you are at home with a cup of hot coco.


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