Make Room


Make room for Breakfast!
A fabulous place to start the day, I can't resist these wonderful morning rooms. I just adore the banquette seating.  Fun and informal, but especially comfortable.  And of course, the styling of each image is perfect, bright fruit and florals for a lively picture.
Have a great Day!

Images Via Elle Decor and House Beautiful

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  1. The perfect places to start a day!

    love the first one the most.

  2. Only problem would be getting my bum off the chair and starting my day, it would be tempting to just stay planted there with a good book, and let breakfast turn into lunch:)

  3. Beautiful rooms, love the last the most :)

  4. Beautiful rooms. Love the red and white. So cheerful!

  5. oooh, the red one really caught my attention. I'm loving the white, red, and black combination.


  6. really really awesome and comfy rooms!

  7. the 1st image has my absolute favorite chairs,
    the table with the fret work is divine....
    hell....i love that entire room.

    the yummy flowers don't hurt it either!!!

  8. I love everyone of these rooms. They are so inviting and inspiring. Makes me want to start decorating all over again. I have too much brown furniture and hope to sell some of my brown antiques and add some lighter woods or upholstered pieces. I will definitely save these images for inspiration.

  9. Love the rooms! I like the way the light fixtures and table decor and plants seem to all be vying for center stage.


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