Bedside Fire


I told you I had a fabulous line up! Today I am bringing you a little bedside fire.  I love the idea of a wood burning fireplace in the bedroom and this room is certainly picture perfect with it's rich gold tones. That wonderful warm granite trim, and the colours that play off it in the room throughout.  My only requirement is a fireplace door. because I just can't imagine sparks flying onto that beautiful rug, or the draft when the fireplace isn't burning.  Other than that, I am already imagining devouring a great book, or telling the kids great stories, or even a heavenly sleep.

Image via Traditional Home

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  1. Merry Christmas, darling !!!
    Sending love, my friend...

  2. Toasty and so elegant, could make getting out of bed very difficult!!!

  3. Voilà ce que j'aime!!!
    Gros bisous

    Ps: attention au père noël!

  4. Fireplace in bedroom is a great idea, I also like two armchairs in which you can read before bedtime. The magnificent interior!


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