Holiday Home


I have to make a  point to pick up this print issue of Traditional Home.  Christmas Issues are definitely my favorites for collecting, and over the last few years we haven't seen the same Holiday Spreads as in the past.  This home definitely doesn't disappoint.  For a young family with 4 children, holidays are all about the kids.  Although, I didn't notice any popcorn strings on the tree, or pasta ornaments, I am going to wager the army of floral designers had something to do with that!

Hope you are looking forward to a wonderful month!

Interior designer: Lisa Luby Ryan, Vintage Living,
Floral designers: Adam and Alicia Rico, Bows and Arrows, ,
Holiday greenery: Andrew Lenz, Southern Botanical
Holiday greenery: Brenda Lyle, Vintage Living,

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  1. I love this holiday decorating with the neutral colors and all the white furnishings. Our daughters, now at college, prefer the traditional Christmas tree with all the variety of ornaments. Since they are not living at home and I do not have to decorate with young children in mind, I now decorate with almost all fresh greens and less store bought items.

    I love Lisa Luby Ryan and have admired her holiday decorating in past issues. As a matter of fact, she was featured in the December issues of Veranda in 2008 and last year.

    I am like you, I save my December issues and really look forward to new ideas. I must have about 60 issues at least including Martha Stewart, Veranda, Traditional Home, Southern Accents, etc. I noticed that House Beautiful does not have any holiday decorating which was disappointing. When I looked at last year's House Beautiful, there wasn't any holiday decorating either. Well, I am on my way out the door to the flower market to get some more greens.

  2. I loved this xmas house. The way the colors and textures were soft and blended with the decor. The dining chairs are awesome. Very Classy and nice. Maryanne xo

  3. This is sooo beautiful, the colors are like a symphony, smooth and flawless seamed together. What a beautiful space to celebrate the holidays in! And I am so with you, nothing beats an actual magazine, though I enjoy the virtual ones, nothing beats having them on paper.

  4. I love your blog...i just became a member. beautiful post today!

  5. i love the x-mas decorations there are wonderful and peaceful, wonderful pictures thank you regards

  6. Love Lisa Luby Ryan. She is so talented. I have liked everything she has ever done. These images are beautiful.

  7. What a beautiful feature!! Just adore all the beautiful neutrals. I especially love the first entrance shot and the tabletop!!

  8. This is the type of home my mom dreams of living in.

  9. Lovely photos and especially the dishes on the last picture, do you know where to buy?


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