Design Social: Crate and Barrel Tweetup

 Last night some bloggers and tweeters united at Crate and Barrel Square One for a little Design Chat, and mingling.  It was a fun night, and always good to catch up with the girls of the Design trade.  I invited Lisa Ferguson, Meredith Heron, and Jo Alcorn, (who writes Eco Chic for Verdigris Vie) to style a setting in the store and they came through with fabulous and inspiring design.  Special thanks and shout outs to the amazing team at Crate and Barrel Square One, Cathy and Andrew you are both very kind and generous !

Above table styled by Lisa Ferguson

Lisa put together a lovely setting that was  mix of colour texture, and the unexpected!  The Galvanized chairs, and Dove Vases had definite impact.  Especially the mix of modern white chairs, and vintage metal chairs.   The dishes pulled on a lovely shade of lavender that coincidentally became a theme that evening.  They were rustic and earthy and played up the mixed undefinable style we are starting to see a little more these days.

Jo Alcorn of Whitewash & Co above.

Jo pulled together a fresh and crisp spring look for her setting.  She highlighted energizing green with soothing lavender textiles.  The Marin dishes were classic white with a beautiful organic edge to them, set on top of the colours of  the Terrence place mats.   She married super stylish with family practical.  It was perfect!

Living Room by Meredith Heron

Meredith's Inspiration started earlier that day with her post about what she was feeling, and as she walked through the store and let her talented eye guide her, she ended up with something so luxurious.  She paired lavender and cobalt blue for this sophisticated living room that featured the ravel pillow a cobalt blue alpaca throw, blue leather tux club chair, and a the Carly chair with a painted blue cobalt frame! 

A great group of Girls! That is me on the end. 
Thank You again for your work.

Christine of Bijou and Boheme, and Sara of Wall Candy

Meredith and Christine

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and that you are enjoying the royal wedding.  Tonight my BFF is hosting a royal party so we can toast the newlyweds.  It's going to be a crazy feast, with a bunch of great girls..

Earthy Delight

You have to see this room full screen to truly appreciate how Brian J McCarthy (New York 3)  tied together the most beautiful earthy palette.   Leather and velvet, painted wood and rich dark wood, iron and marble all come together in this delightful formal room.  Its a grand space with plenty of details to soak up, and some thing tells me in person, it would be even more magnificent.

Super excited about tonight's tweet up at Crate and Barrel.  It's always fun to see friendly faces old and new, and how perfect meeting up a store where we can chat up design. 

Mais Oui, Louis

House and Home

House Beautiful

The Ritz Connection



This is one chair I will never tire of seeing.  Classic or Modern, it's the one piece that adds distinction and style. In natural fabrics, bright colours, cane back, or lacquered, it can be injected into any setting and instantly add character.  I would love to add these to my current dining table, especially in a natural wood finish with a little extra detail. Do you have a favorite?

Beach Blues

Atlanta Homes Magazine featured this beautiful blue home that was decorated entirely by the homeowner, who was a nurse for 20 years.  As a child, her family would spend weeks at the beach, and her home was inspired by the colours of the sea.  A spectrum of soft blues and creamy whites can be found throughout this delicately appointed space. 

The home is a Georgian which is known for it's symmetry, and the decor follows suit.  You can really sense the balance of space.  Whether it's shelving or antique chests that flank the fireplace or artwork, floral arrangements and occasional chairs in twos, you automatically sense the calm that only symmetry can bring. 

Happy Easter!

Found these glorious images on the website of Centsational Girl.  This was last year's Easter Table.  Isn't it delightful?  Hydrangeas, butterflies, paper eggs, and birds nests.  You can enjoy the full post, here.

Hope you have a Wonderful Easter!  

Home on the Coast

I had to do a full feature on this Coastal home by Erika Powell, that was featured in the online magazine Trad Home.  You know, it's that perfect mix of updated traditional.  Although the home is on the coast, it doesn't get the typical coastal makeover. Instead feels family friendly, comforting and perfectly beautiful.  The home is filled with the most charming vignettes.  Powell worked with the architects in the planning phase to ensure that they could accommodate for an optimal layout.  The home has reversed layout with main living areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and guest rooms, in the lower levels.  You can browse more images, and catch some of the designers tips online at Trad Home..  

Interior Design, Erika Powell of Urban Grace Interiors.

Eco Chic - Non Toxic

Jo Alcorn of Whitewash & Co joins us on Earth week to chat about controversial Non Toxic labeling.  I absolutely love this series.

In what world do we live in that we now have to put Non-toxic labels on products? Shouldn’t they just be Non-toxic to begin with?  It is pretty scary to think that marketers and advertisers could even twist, squeeze and pull over our heads a farce as a Non-toxic green statement. Well they have. And we have fallen for it so much, that most of us believe if Non-Toxic isn’t printed on the label, then it is likely toxic. Pure genius, whoever came up with this marketing ploy!

We should also look out for words like Non-harmful or Free of.  What does it even mean? Is it supposed to imply that ingredients used within don’t pose any health risks? Meanwhile, the labels aren’t even regulated by government standards.  There has been major controversy from health activists questioning what is “safe” from the manufacturer’s point of view.  Purchasing Non-Toxic items doesn’t even make a true contribution to the green industry. It may not even be worthwhile at all, because that Non-Toxic cleaning product you just bought is in a plastic bottle which is far from environmentally safe. As soon as you throw it out, it enters the landfill where it will sit there for decades and decades. So why have companies gone through all this trouble to label and market that their product is Non-Toxic? Because, like everyone else they want the opportunity to be part of the green movement “group”.  This is the only way they know how to fit in, by creating there own category! So who is the one laughing? The company that can distract you with words as you purchase that non-decomposing plastic container that was made overseas with no labour board in place? Or is it the consumer who believed they were doing the right thing by trusting the marketing labels?

Unfortunately in today’s times we can’t be lazy consumers, we have to read and look into everything before we can make the right GREEN decision. We can’t take their word for it, just like in food labels, if you can’t pronounce or understand the word; it probably isn’t good for you. So next time you grab for the Non-Toxic label, read it first! Where is it made? Can you pronounce every word on the label? Or are you just supporting a company that has the money to market Non-Toxic over another that truly could be healthier to your environment. Questions, questions, questions and more questions. That is the only true path to figuring out the truth of what is GREEN?!

Keep your eyes open GREEN movers and don’t be fooled by the marketing gimmicks.

Until next time,

Truly natural ingredients shouldn't be too hard to find.

Earth Week with Angela Adams

If  you are looking for a little earth day inspiration this week, you might want to take a peek at what's happening over at Angela Adams.  The inspired collections of modern rugs, furnishings and accessories are a timeless tribute to the beauty of nature and life on coastal Maine.  Each piece designed with colours, patterns, shapes and textures that reflect memorable people, places and objects. 

All week Angela Adams is offering 20% off!
with 20% of the profits going toward the Maine Audobon.

And for followers of facebook and twitter,
each day they’ll announce a different product which will be offered at a special discount with a promotion code. Be Sure to follow and get the daily scoop!



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