Serenity Now

I am taking a moment of serenity before the madness of the holidays ensues.  Tomorrow is Dec 1st, and if you haven't started your holiday shopping, you are already too late.  Now is the time to take a step back, and prioritize.  Do you want to get it all done at the expense of being miserable, or are you going to take the time to really enjoy a few special moments, and forget the small stuff?  Every year I dream of a beautiful perfectly styled tree.  But my kids have other plans for that tree; tacky decorations, popcorn and a couple of other found objects.  It's still beautiful, it it's own way, especially when we gather to decorate it.  But it isn't perfect.  And that is how the holidays should be, not perfect, but genuine. 

And now, let the wild rumpus start!

Image found on Eclectic Revisited by Maureen Bower..

Warming Up to Winter!

I can't help but love all this red and white magic in this New York townhouse.  Often I find red to be really over powering, but that massive and dramatic light fixture manages to take some of the attention away from the primary colour.  I think I am warming up to winter!

Images Via Traditional Home

Show Some Restraint

This is one of those, "I'll move right in" moments. That wonderful contrasting palette of rich woods mixed with pale fabrics always wins me over.  And although I like to spread out in a kitchen, I actually don't mind this galley that hides away the mess, when it's dinner time or when entertaining..  I think the ceiling mounted drapery panels around the bed, is my solution to the canopy without replacing the entire bed.   

I am off to start another exciting week. Wishing you a wonderful Monday!

Image via Traditional Home

It's Beginning to look...

Is it possible that I am already feeling like I am behind?  It isn't event December yet, but we are less than a month away.  The neighbours have the lights up, and wreaths hung.  It's going to have to wait until next weekend, because even though I am itching to fill my home with holiday spirit, I always wait for December to hit.  I think I have finally gathered enough ornaments to be able to theme a tree this year.  Will it be cream and gold, or white and green, or rustic with pops of red?  No one knows; that would because whatever my vision the cuckoos usually have a say and will probably want to thread popcorn all over it.  I think I should get them little mini trees to decorate in their own rooms..Too much?  What are your plans?

Images via Country Living

Street Style

Thanks to the world of blogging fashion gazing is more available to us than ever.  I love that blogs like the Sartorialist, Garance Dore, Jak and Jill and others, feature real people looking generally fabulous, on their way to work or rushing to meet a friend for lunch. It's one of my favorite ways to inspire my own style.  In the last couple of years, I have noticed more fashion editorial in this way too.  What do you think?  Do you like to see a picture perfect fashion spread with every detail popping out at you, or something a little more relaxed like street style?

Warm thoughts on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my amazing friends south of the border.
May your day be filled with family, fun and food.

The Simple Life

I am completely charmed by this simple and rustic Country retreat that is currently featured on Atlanta Homes Mag. It's that ideal change of scenery I long for, simple, rustic, and a little quirky. I dream of long walks outdoors, kids running in the open air, gathering some fresh foods, and then coming in and cook up a storm.  No TV.cell phones, or a computer, Just an old radio and the company of friends and family. 

Old Loft

Discovered this great space on Birmingham Home and Garden., where a young couple and their baby fight the move to the suburbs, and enjoy city life.  It's definitely an interesting space, sparsely filled with oversized antique doors and art.  They are my heroes, I admire them for not losing their cool!

The Gwen Factor

Yeah, she is pretty fabulous! I have always  really admired Gwen Stefani's sense of style, even the wacky stuff.  I love that she is on fashion blogs everywhere a hit one week, and a miss the next.  It says a lot about how confident she is.  Love the teal, love the red, love the blonde  and I love the wallpaper too..:-)

One day, I may even share with you a story about how I tried to get my hair this colour.  On second thought, maybe not.

Still Hooked!

Tip Top Tailor Lofts contemporary living room

Tip Top Tailor Lofts contemporary bedroom

I have called this colour combination electric when it's popped up on this blog in the past, because it really has  a great energy to it.  Something fabulous happens when you pair a warm caramel with a cool blue!  And I just dig that sofa too...

In Contrast

You know I just love me a home with contrast.  Light and dark, old and new, contemporary and classical.  Marie Claire Maison featured this home of a young couple who wanted to bring some life to their seaside retreat. I absolutely love the struggle between styles, every room has a battle, and it adds so much character and energy. 

Make Room

Make room for Breakfast!
A fabulous place to start the day, I can't resist these wonderful morning rooms. I just adore the banquette seating.  Fun and informal, but especially comfortable.  And of course, the styling of each image is perfect, bright fruit and florals for a lively picture.
Have a great Day!

Images Via Elle Decor and House Beautiful

Lazy Sunday

Dinner guests last night, So today I am just taking it easy, as I prepare for a super busy week.  Hope you are having a fabulous day.

Image, Barbara Barry via Veranda

The Reds

Is there anyone who doesn't look fabulous in this perfect hue.  Blondes and Brunettes, light and dark skin tones, all look healthy and vibrant, even with the smallest splash of red somewhere in their ensemble.  Beautiful, seductive and luxurious are any of the reds in the colour spectrum.  These festive  outfits by Emilio Pucci

Images Via


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