Cold Mountain


Cold mountain...warm retreat! This wonderful property is located in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, and is a breathtaking escape from ordinary life.  It's a country lodge with wood siding and a shingled roof, but with an interior that is delightfully fresh and sophisticated.  Architect Stan Dixon, envisioned and delivered the overall structure, and the interior was designed by Atlanta based Nancy Warren.  A beautiful use of field stone in the front foyer, the walkway and on the fireplace, gives to the feel of country life.  Adding lush velvets, antique furnishings, and elegant light fixtures elevates and refines the space.  Take your time soaking in the details, the modern kitchen, the console in the hallway, and the wall decor from clocks to artwork.

Find the full story at Atlanta Home Magazine

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  1. That home is AMAZING!!! I sat here and scrolled up and down for about 20 minutes. Time to wipe up drool.

  2. I'm seeing a lot of black and white lately. Loving it.

    ♥ sécia

  3. I like it! It is very Cold Mountain-esque - in a wonderful way! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I just did a post on the photographer and the designer of this home. We should of coordinated our posts. Love Nancy warrens work. The photographer is Emily Followill.


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