Let It Linger


I am in no rush to tear down the holiday decor.  Yes, its time to put the tree away, along with the stockings, and any other signs of Santa's recent visit but the greenery can stay.  Let the smell of pine and the warm glow of candle light linger a little longer.

Images Via Michael Graydon

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  1. I'm with you! I've been a rebel this year and still have most of my holiday decor up. I'm not ready to part with it yet.

  2. Beautiful photos!! And I absolutely agree...the greenery can stay! And you can bet my candles won't be put away for awhile!

  3. I agree! All my Christmas decorations are put away, except for one tiny faux tree I just put in an urn with a few pretty glass birds and pine cones. Let's celebrate winter and all the lovely things it has to offer. I'm not ready to jump ahead. Let's be daring and live in the moment with contentment.


  4. agreed and beautiful images...donna

  5. My decorations are all still up. I figure I can wait until after old calendar Christmas. And then I'll keep out an edited version as my 'winter' decorations. Mini lights make the long winter nights brighter.

  6. I am so loving this Let It Linger post!!!


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