Winter Chill


Can you feel it?  The winter chill is settling in.  This morning had a little bite to it and I am still warming up.  I admit I love a good snow fall, especially that first blanket of white.  The kids get excited about running around and making tracks on that powder canvas and then coming in for a cup of chocolat chaud.  Despite the beauty I am happy to report I haven't had the need to break out the Parka or the Pajars, but it won't be long.

Hope you are filled with warmth today!

Images Via My Design Chic

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  1. Oh's SO cold out today- just can't bring myself to go out there!

  2. Oh my, my, my these pictures are stunning! It's raining here in Vancouver so the cold and crisp doesn't sound too bad. Especially if my back yard looked anything like that first picture! Stay warm out there!

  3. Its cold here all right but if its going to be this cold I want to see some snow, some real snow, and not just a dusting but a nice big dose of the white stuff!


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