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February Fashion in NYC is the kick off to what we can expect for the hottest season of the year, Fall! Every year, we anticipate all the colours and styles that will grace the runways on beautiful figures and shape the next season.  And although I am one of the eager bunch, searching for a dose of colour and texture to inspire, one of my all time favorite seasons is Pre-Fall.  Not part of the runway shows, and usually just a gallery of images, these collection are wearable, and easy, and equally inspiring for their classic appeal.  And so with that, I give you a taste of Christian Dior's Pre Fall 2012 collection.  Beautiful right?

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  1. Beautiful! I'm in love with the first photo I just love that look! Sharon

  2. Love these. The third from the bottom reminds me of a tulip (don't laugh) and my choice would be the 2nd from the bottom, to me it's classic.

  3. I just love the classic look of a dress or skirt with black tights and heels for winter. These examples are beautiful!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous collection, I would love every one!!

    Art by Karena

  5. Classic indeed.. these looks at truly timeless and I would die for any of the pieces in my wardrobe!

  6. i love that pinks dress... Happy weekend!

  7. I love the black suit. classic and smart looking!


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