Go With the Flow


Sometimes I struggle with the spectrum of my taste from modern to traditional.  That is probably why my favorite interiors are the ones where old world meets modern style.  But when I stumble across interiors like this one where there is a more obvious traditional hand, I just love it!  The consistency, the casual comfort, the antiques, the layering of beautiful pieces, and the fearlessness of just going with your gut! 

Images Via Atlanta Homes Mag

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  1. Yes, very easy on the eyes. Love these images.

  2. These interiors are on the traditional side and I tend to ride on the traditional side of things more. There's just something warm and inviting.

  3. Traditional always withstands the test of time! Very appealing.

  4. The colors are so beautiful, makes me want to give my house a redo !

  5. Traditional decor never goes out.I love when there is a mix. This is on the transitional side. I love the blue chest in the dinning room.

  6. How lovely! These neutrals are wonderful! Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx


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