Passion, Calm and Healing



Take a deep breath and soak these wonderful abstracts in!  I am head over heels for these contemporary pieces by B.C. based artist, Motoko. Originally from Japan, she is strongly influenced by her heritage, as well as the natural beauty of British Columbia's west coast. She blends the concepts of passion, calm healing, and spirituality into every unique painting. They are wonderfully energetic, and filled with that incredible emotion that come from nature.  A beautiful blue calm sea, the warm glow of a sunset, the white peak of a mountain top; every piece speaks volumes.  

Images via motoko

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  1. they are the colours & texture.

  2. The textures are really beautiful and the colors so soothing.

  3. So pretty... Love the paintings with the soft blues. Very relaxing and calm feeling. They would be great in a bedroom.

  4. What beautiful abstract paintings, full of texture and colour! Sharon


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