A Gold Lining


I can't even describe for you how beautiful the morning sky was as I drove in to work.   It was as if it rained gold, and the clouds were left with a hint of gold dew, and the glow around it was a dusty pink.  It was lovely, and set the tone for a beautiful day.  Finding the images to capture it is next to impossible, I can only tell you, it evoked calm and energy at the same time. 

Images via pinterest

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  1. Wish I had seen it- I was driving to Hamilton this morning in a monsoon:(

  2. Oh my goodness ...... this is a beautiful space and that sky is soo soo stunning. The sun burst through the clouds here too. I think Spring is on its way. FINALLY!!!

  3. Love that first image. Beautiful.

  4. Sounds rather stunning to me—gorgeous! xx


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