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You know that I just adore this look right? It's kind of  a treasure trove of antiques; Victorian, Scandinavian, and pretty much anything old Europe. The soft shades of white and gray keep the whole place feeling crisp and refreshing.  Everything is so inviting and just looks like you could sink right into it.  You have to admire how designer Annie Brahler, just went for it!   She is the owner of a cool little business called Euro Trash, importing antiques from Europe, and delivering to shops across the US.  I can already see a few pieces I would like to pick up.

Images via House Beautiful 

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  1. I love antiques too. I love them in a traditional space and I love them mixed with modern elements. I'll have to check out Euro Trash...that name is amazing too :)

  2. Doesn't she have the most amazing sense of style?
    I love each of these little vignettes. Big hug...

  3. i am in love with the kitchen island -
    a painted french antique with the marble added.

    i am going to put that on my design chip
    {in my head} for future use.

    thanks xxxx

  4. ADORE the prettiness of it all- gorgeous!!!

  5. Such beautiful rooms. I love the mix of gold and white. It's elegant and cottagy at the same time. So pretty! Jennifer

  6. Beautiful French antiques. I love them all in virtually any setting.

  7. I love these images! I have a love affair with French & Swedish antiques, & gray and white is such a wonderful clean look....right up my alley! Please check out my new blog...

  8. When I stepped into the showroom, I felt like I was in Provence.

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