French Farm


Did anyone else here completely fall in love with the Kathy Ireland's summer retreat in France?  I died.  I really did.  The old stone building, the horses, the gardens, her amazing collected style, the food... oh the food, but mostly the story of great gatherings.  You know we don't do that enough.  When I was growing up, people just showed up at our house and we ate whatever was in the cellar or garden.  Today everything is by appointment only, with 8 weeks of preparation time, seating cards, and handmade decorations that co-ordinate with the hostess outfit.  I long for something a little simpler.  That just show up, eat and drink kind of celebration that is for no particular reason at all, but to enjoy living.

Images via Kathy Ireland

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  1. OI, estava lendo teu comentário. Aqui é assim as pessoa aparecem, temos que sair correndo pra fazer um jantar. Por uma lado é bom mas as vezes é bom a pessoa informar que vem. Estou ficando velha e cheia de mania.
    tenha um ótimo dia.

    1. Isto é verdadeiro. Você não pode sempre ter as pessoas só aparecendo, de modo algum planejamento é necessário. O problema é quando passamos mais tempo planejando do que desfrutar.

  2. Anything to do with good tasteful country decor and long farm tables is a win win for me. Have a wonderful long weekend!!!

  3. What a beautiful house! Love the rustic touch to it. Have a delightful start of the week, Kellie xx

  4. It is an amazing blog ... the perfect way to visit beautiful places!

  5. When I got a look at those shutters, I have to admit that I wanted to go gather them up and bring
    them to my house in the country !
    And the beams in the kitchen are so beautiful. The outdoor eating area all ready for guests is
    lovely, and yes the food looks too beautiful to eat.. but I would try anyway : )
    Thanks for showing us a beautiful home in the country.


  6. Man this is the look I am seeking!!!!


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