San Fran Modern


It's funny.  I stumble on a photo that leads to another photo that leads me to this home featured in California Homes Magazine.  It's mid century modern,which I love but there is something more that has me really captivated.  Little details, like tufting, and tailoring, or curves you wouldn't expect to see. It's elegant, and balanced.  Then I read on to learn that the homeowner, designer Matthew Leverone, splits his time between San Francisco, where this home resides, and Burgundy France.  Of course! You kind of get that feeling that even though this place falls on the modern side of the spectrum, the inspiration for it comes from somewhere completely different.

Images Via Leverone Design

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  1. So, so soft and gorgeous. I really need a velvet SOMETHING in my life. Thanks V!

  2. What an eagle eye you have! I too read that article and thought it was a more tailored version of much friendlier

  3. The simplicity of these interiors is quite lovely.

  4. Un bel intérieur...

    Gros bisous à vous.

  5. For the first photo, the huge abstract painting is made by whom? could you please mention the painter's name? Very peaceful design that is.


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