You, Me and the Sea

I have a pinterest board called Fashion Fairytales that is filled with stories like this one.  Romantic adventures of love, life and luxury! I especially love these nautical ones. Sunbathing on a warm deck, the salty ocean air keeping you cool, and sheer thrill of being on an open ocean. It makes me want to forget the cottage, and buy a yacht.

Images via Dustjacket


  1. That is right where I would like to be right now!

  2. So chic and sophistciated and "he's" not too bad Beautiful!

  3. Ha! I was thinking the same thing Tina! He really isn't! anyway…love this post on sophistication! I could sure use some and I could sure use some time at the beach! Loved seeing this as my last blog of the day! It was perfect! Have a great weekend!

  4. Chic editorial... I, too, wouldn't mind a weekend on a yacht...


  5. Tina is right, he is a cutie.... So sophisticated and romantic, but I get so sea sick. I only can dream of doing something like this.


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