London Calling

Started the week off with a delightful surprise.  The wonderful team over at Modenus, an online interior design resource, selected me as one of fifteen bloggers to attend BlogTour London.  It's a 5 day tour of the London design scene during the design festival,  that unites bloggers and designers for a fun filled week!  I can't tell you how incredibly honored I am to be selected, and how excited I am to participate, and make new friends.  Now all that needs to be done, is co-ordinate a small army to assist with home and work life while I am away. Wish me luck!! 

London Apartment Images via Adelto, Interior Design, Joanna Wood


  1. OK, this is just drop-dead gorgeous !!

  2. OMG how exciting!! Congrats to you. Cannot wait to hear all about it, whatever "hoops" you need to go through to make it happen....I say do it, what a wonderful opportunity!

  3. Congratulations - so excited to meet you!

    1. I know Will. How fun will that be!! Excited to meet you too!

  4. I seriously love that ball chandelier

  5. Congratulations!! You'll have a fabulous time!

  6. HUGE congrats Vie - you are going to LOVE it - it is truly an amazing and inspiring trip. I will be watching for your reports!!


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