Pebble Vase by Kate Hume


I have a weakness for blown glass.  You may have noticed by a previous post if you have been reading for a while.  When these beautiful gleaming jewels caught my eye at design junction, it was love at first site.  Designed by Kate Hume for When Objects Work, these works of art are known as pebble vases.  They are delightful sculptures of blown glass, hand made into the most beautiful form. 

Arranged in a groups, the colours play off each other.  Here are few images of the display, taken in really bad lighting, with my mediocre photographing skills. I wish I could have packed these up and taken them home;  they are simply spectacular!

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  1. These are stunning beyond. I too love blown glass and the deep purple is my favorite!

    2012 Artists Series

  2. funny ... I just had a designer bring these stunning pieces by Kate to my attention two days ago. Great to see them featured on your blog too!

  3. What beautiful pieces, I love blown glass. These are so simple and chic. Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  4. I love this vase! This will be perfect in my apartment.


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