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I love this house, I do.  It's actually a former vicarage. (A home for priests)  Located in Hampshire, it was converted to a tranquil family home.  The Georgian floor plan is my my favorite of all homes.  It's balanced and surrounded by large beautiful windows.  Forget stone and stucco, I love brick. There is an art to laying it, and creating the visual texture.  This home is perfectly aged with that white wash over it.  The scale is perfect too.  It's nice to have a big house, but I prefer something quiet and quaint.  Bedrooms for everyone and a spare, a place to cook, a place to eat, a place to gather, and a place to read.  It's not so much the size, as it is that it feels smaller than larger.  The inside of this home is decorated to perfection as well.  A few large scale antique pieces set the tone, and a neutral palette keeps the calm flowing from room to room.  With all it's updates, it manages to keep a historic feel to it. 

Images Via 25 Beautiful Homes

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  1. Ah I love it - this fits my current 'Downton Abbey' mood:-) Miss you Vitania!!!

  2. Une très belle demeure... J'ai beaucoup apprécié l'ensemble de vos photos et les mots qui les accompagnent.
    Gros bisous

  3. Beautifully done. I love everything about it. Refreshingly simple, but right on!

  4. You had me at the first image, with the classic lines and that great coffee table...then I saw the lab and the beautiful entry and it was all over - beautiful!

  5. Absolutely stunning! So calm and soothing.


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