Youthful in Greenwich


Just a glance of this fabulous Greenwich home designed with a youthful heart for a young family! Four boys will enjoy that awesome rec and study room, while Mom and Dad can retreat to a peaceful suite. The home is a Greek revival built in the late eighteen hundreds, and it needed a major update without completely disassembling it's character.  You have to admire the effort that goes into designing a home for a family.  You know it's filled with compromise, but the result always stands out from the rest because it carries a unique charm.
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  1. So absolutely stunning! LOVE the dining room and kitchen.

  2. Perfect post! Loved this! Fabulous home and I would love to be re-doing my home right now and have my kids still young! ( not that they are THAT old…but you know what I mean!) Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Back to the 60's! Their grandparents would delight in it! I love bringing back the modern look - the design swings keep everything fresh.

  4. Gorgeous home!! I wish that were our house, fun, clean, spunky - comfortable, beautiful!! :) Annie (Kate)

  5. I love the hanging fixtures in the second image...especially the ones over the dining room. I have been in a huge orb mood lately. Great images, thanks for sharing!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger


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