Royal Blue

Suzanne Kasler's spread in Veranda March 2012 is nothing short of a design lovers feast for the eyes and soul. Kasler's signature style plays to classic French embellishments with an updated twist on colour and modernism.  In this Atlanta home, she really infuses that formula.  The pictures I scanned don't quite jump out at you as they do in the magazine, but the spectrum of blues is heavenly.  From soft hues, to deep tones, paired with warm shades of gold and toffee.  Antiques? check.  Modern Art? Check. Drama? check!  The list keeps going.  Each room carries a touch of the other in it, so there is complete harmony.  Other things to adore include a custom built library with gold trim, scuffed blue leather Louis chairs in the kitchen, imported french doors, beautifully cast fireplace mantels, and an outdoor paradise!

This month's Veranda is a collector's.  This home alone, has enough beautiful details to keep you inspired for a lifetime. Alright, maybe a lifetime is extreme; I think it will probably take us to the end of summer..:-)

Images via Veranda
Interior Design Suzanne Kasler
Photography Thibault Jeanson
Interior detailing Thierry Francois, John Oetgen
Architecture Willaim T Baker

Old Gray

I don't know how practical this inspirational gallery is for my home, but I love it just the same! You?

Oh Yellow!

Thoughts of yellow making me happy on this Saturday Morning! 

Images Via Garance Dore, Apartment Therapy and Country Living

A Project and Some Pretty

The always sweet and very passionate Jennifer Brouwer, recently posted on her blog a collaboration between the two of us.  When she called me and asked if Anvil could help her incorporate some of her original designs into a shelter project she was working on, I was all in.  Above is a little side table she designed, in the only shade of yellow we had in stock; "Safety Yellow!"  Which is actually perfect because Yellow Brick House is a safe haven for homeless and battered women.  This is a sneak peak, but more exciting images to come soon.,   

On another note, my 5 year old is inspiring the artist in me. She received some fashion sketch books over the holidays, and I think I am having more fun than her.  These fabulous works are from Bella Pilar.  Mine pale in comparison, but actually aren't that bad for a first timer.  So I am thinking of starting a sketchbook series, so that I can push my self to perfect this craft. I actually sketch a good chunk of furniture throughout the week, so it will be a fun way to extend it to new levels. I can't wait to show you!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Images via Jenn Brouwer and Bella Pilar

Palace in Versailles

Just a few kilometers outside of Paris, lies this Royal retreat that is a delightful mix of modern aesthetic and historic allure.  The Trianon Palace Versailles, is quietly nestled in France's Royal Domain.  Not only is the setting truly breathtaking with it's lush green acres of manicured landscape, but the hotel itself is designed to carry that theme of beauty and tranquility.  The interiors are designed by London based designer Fiona Thompson.  Golden yellow, Grassy green, and Fields of lavender inspired the palate for this escape.  It includes all the finest amenities you would expect from a hotel of this caliber, including a Guerlain Spa, a majestic pool, a grand ballroom, and a restaurant by famed French chef Gordon Ramsay. The rates are actually quite reasonable starting at 179 Euros per night. The only question really is, "When do we leave?".

Bring it Out!

Let's face it, this winter has been more like a cold wet fall.  The other day during a mild streak, I saw buds on our front tree.  It has me thinking about the great outdoors, and apparently I am not alone.  While visiting some of the stores that carry our furniture, I learned that orders are already coming in for those beautiful backyard patio sets.  Here are just a few settings old and new that I adore.

Images via pinterest, first image Darryl Carter

Napa Retreat

How would you like to spend weekends in this Napa Valley paradise?  Country air, rolling hills and a lush landscape to enjoy wine, food and friends.  I truly appreciate this modern twist on the inspirational old Tuscan retreat.  The stone walkways, steel doors and windows, rustic beams overhead, and of course a light scattering of traditional furnishings. It's located in Yountville, California and is a sprawling 8000 sq ft residence,  designed by the team at Backen, Gillam and Kroeger.  Fabulous no?

Images via Backen, Gillam and Kroeger

Family Time

A few great spaces for family time.  No TV or tech, just a beautiful place for reading, conversation and of course snacking.  Hope you are having a great day!

Images via pinterest

Winter Wedding

A delightful winter wedding ! I know summer is the time for love, but for me it's winter! I love the warmth, and the white, and all the cozy touches that go along with it.  This wedding took place in Toronto, and I love the French Rustic theme!

You can thank this delightful duo for the design and images.

Images via Style Me Pretty


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