Condo Colours!

I adore the colour combo in this Boston high rise!

An Old Mill

Located in the south of France, this property was converted from a mill house to fabulous rustic but modern home. Most people would be opposed to all this exposed stone, but I just adore it.  And how about that modern kitchen, and how it compliments the cool stone with it's warm wood.

Images Via Nuevo Estilo

Classic Summer Style

When it is hot and sunny out, it's pretty hard to focus on work, which is why my head has wandered off to the land of vacations and summer style.  I saw a tweet from Elle Canada about what is your must have summer accessory, for me it's a great silk scarf.  As a hair band or a cover up, I can't resist a great scarf.  In fact, a few years ago, when I had an awesome travel schedule, it was my must have pick up when I visited a foreign city.  So no travel on the agenda this summer, but I think I may opt for living like I am on vacation.

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

A Flat in Madrid

It feels like this place was tossed together.  An antique here, a hand me down there, some flea market finds in the corner, but it's pretty fabulous isn't it?  This is so typical of European style, it seems so easy going but there are a couple of real treasures in there.  

Images via Dustjacket

Colour Craving

I have fallen in love with Interior Designer Amy Morris all over again!
Check out this fabulous interior that will satisfy even the die hard colour lovers appetite. Full story on this collaboration with The Mercantile at Atlanta Homes Magazine.


Reese looking relaxed and beautiful for Glamour UK

Island Escape

I am clearly lacking focus today.
This paradise is a luxury villa in St Bart's, 
The interior is just as fabulous, but I am dreaming of outdoors on this sunny day.

Images via Luxury Retreats

Spring Fire

Me, you and a margarita..

Image via Coastal Living

Summer Country

A french inspired country retreat in Charlottesville Virginia.
Left unattended for 20 years, a mother and daughter pair up to masterfully restore and decorate it to it's full glory.  A great little read, and a fabulous gallery over at Lonny.

Pretty In Pink

Anyone else hear OMD playing in the background? 
If they could ever pull off a remake of the cult classic film Andie would look fabulous in these numbers!
Actually I would look fabulous in these numbers,  only we'd have to get the hemline at the knees!

Images of Valentino Fall 2012 via dustjacket

Perfect Pictures

Fabulous right?
From art to artifacts, a beatiful vignette.

Images via Jean Allsopp


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