French Farm

Did anyone else here completely fall in love with the Kathy Ireland's summer retreat in France?  I died.  I really did.  The old stone building, the horses, the gardens, her amazing collected style, the food... oh the food, but mostly the story of great gatherings.  You know we don't do that enough.  When I was growing up, people just showed up at our house and we ate whatever was in the cellar or garden.  Today everything is by appointment only, with 8 weeks of preparation time, seating cards, and handmade decorations that co-ordinate with the hostess outfit.  I long for something a little simpler.  That just show up, eat and drink kind of celebration that is for no particular reason at all, but to enjoy living.

Images via Kathy Ireland

Summer Waves

I love the sound of waves crashing onto the shoreline.  There is something incredibly soothing about that sound, especially on a warm day when the sun shines bright. I love that this spread takes me there.  The hair, the glasses, the cover up, walking along the beach looking for seashells.

Beach Blue

And just when I thought I might be over blue, I find a beach side paradise that is drenched in it, and I fall in love all over again.  Fantastic no?

Images via Joseph Keller

The Modern Hamptons

A refreshingly modern Hampton's home that belongs to a typically traditional architect.  Frank Greenwald opted for a paired down sleek retreat, instead of what he is more commonly known for, traditional.  And he didn't do it alone, he called the talented design team Foley & Cox, to help him dream up the place stress free.

Images and story at AD

A study in Style

Reading never looked so good!

Images via Dustjacket

Shadow Drawings by Katina Huston

I love discovering an artist. Thank goodness for the internet and it's endless resources. The first picture that I stumbled on was the bike tires, titled "samelight".  Following the rings while suspended mid movement. These works are by San Francisco based Katina Huston, and they are called shadow drawings. Aren't they lovely.  She has a series, not shown, of brass instruments as well.  They are just fantastic, slowly drawing you in, and following the sequence of movement. 

Find more at Katina Huston

San Fran Modern

It's funny.  I stumble on a photo that leads to another photo that leads me to this home featured in California Homes Magazine.  It's mid century modern,which I love but there is something more that has me really captivated.  Little details, like tufting, and tailoring, or curves you wouldn't expect to see. It's elegant, and balanced.  Then I read on to learn that the homeowner, designer Matthew Leverone, splits his time between San Francisco, where this home resides, and Burgundy France.  Of course! You kind of get that feeling that even though this place falls on the modern side of the spectrum, the inspiration for it comes from somewhere completely different.

Images Via Leverone Design

Sun and Waves

Fantastic Sun Kissed beauty! 

Images Via Fashion Show

Castello Di Reschio

I know this is a bit of distraction on a Tuesday afternoon, but I can't resist.  I have been dreaming of a vacation in Italy for a few years now. I haven't back since...well I don't even want to tell you!  But my heart and mind can easily be transported with a just a few pictures.  This fantastic property, called Castello D Reschio has a number of buildings on it suitable for single or multiple families.  The grounds are just divine, and the interiors are equally delightful. Every corner is cozy, and every window boasts a beautiful view.  Rustic indeed, but still very updated and modern.  Is a week here even enough?  I think two weeks would be best, enough to relax a few days, and explore on the others.

Visit this fabulous estate, Castello Di Reschio

Blue and Yellow

This is one of those rooms that makes me want to start from scratch in my own living room.  The bold graphic on the curtains panel is fabulous, the studded console table, art over the mantel, and this delightful contrast of blue yellow and gold.  

Via New England Home, Interior Design by Jan Hiltz 


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