Fine Dining

A fabulous modern dining room by James Michael Howard.  A mix of fine furnishings, tailored upholstery, and soothing artwork, set on a neutral palette.  Irresistible!

Images Via James Michael Howard

There's No Place Like...

There's no place like this home! I think this is the first time Kansas City has appeared here on Verdigris Vie.  And what a way to represent.  This drawing room is an energizing mix of blues and yellows, on silks, linens and even patent leather.  Gorgeous crystal chandelier, detailed mouldings and fine fabrics come together like a ballgown, and exqusitie jewels.   Interior designer Kelee Katillac and her architect husband Steve Heiffus are the masterful team behind this classically tailored space.
Images via House Beautiful

City Romance

I don't know what it is about these vintage style editorials that send me into dreamland.  Who knows if this time really ever existed, but the romantic notion of young love sneaking some play time together on an ordinary afternoon is delightful.

Images via Olivia Graham

Antique White

This old world inspired home is actually located in Sydney Australia.  Check out that iron balcony! It looks outstanding as a backdrop to the simplistic antique white in the room.  Yeah.. I want this to my my bedroom.

Found on that awesome little blog called Dustjacket

Blue Boathouse

Style at Home magazine took my breath away this month with this fabulous cottage in Peterborough, Ontario.  After spending a few days in the outdoors canoeing and camping, it got me thinking of  the ultimate retreat.  This beautiful cottage certainly takes the cake, with a pairing of deep see blue and luxurious gold.  The entire space is a play on rustic and refined; from delicate antiques to shingled walls.  It's not to be taken too seriously, even with it's sophisticated furnishings.  And I love that the boathouse was clearly built to include a platform for jumping into the lake.

More images and full story at Style at Home

London Style

All the excitement this past week, leading up to BlogTour this September, has my head spinning with delight! Along with getting to visit one of the world's most amazing cities, I get to celebrate design with fellow enthusiasts and professionals.  Which begs the question;  What do I wear? No pressure!  Bloggers only always look fabulous and industry events.  I can't go wrong taking inspiration from London's very own Burberry.  There is something very polished but relaxed about Burberry's signature look.  It's perfect for long  fun filled days on your feet, and unwinding with a drink afterwards.

Images via Burberrry

Classic Comfort

You know I have a weakness for green, right?  How can you not when it looks as elegant as this.  This Florida home takes it's inspiration from the Bayou it looks over. Soft mossy greens, and smokey blues make a lovely palette.  A new construction, but with classic detailing; open floor plan, French doors, coiffured ceilings.  As sophisticated as it first appears, you kind of get the feeling there aren't a lot of rules for this home.  The furnishings are soft and welcoming, and the materials, feel like they can withstand some abuse.  I discovered this beauty on Traditional Home, and there are plenty more images to enjoy.  The architect on the job is Eric Watson, and interior design by  Phillip Sides Interior Design.

Images via Traditional Home

Country Manor

Are you loving?  I am loving!  Where are we? In the South of France?  Actually Litchfield County, in a country estate designed by Carole Winer-Sorensen, owner of Country Loft Antiques. The Lavender banquette in the living room is extraordinary.  From the inspirational colour (lavender fields) to it's extra large size and sink-right-in appeal. I could go and on about the rough hewn dining table paired with the delightful white painted Louis style chairs, or the French Bistro kitchen with it's beautiful brass accents, but I think you get it!

Au Naturel

Sometimes you just have to step back and take it all in.  This is such a beautiful time of year to be out and about, hiking in the cool woods, or even just hanging out at a park.  Most of the time, it's hard to get out and waste a day gallivanting, but I love that the fashion in these images make it feel like you are! 

Images via FGR


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