A Neutral Mix


Just when I start to thinking that neutral is too safe, I stumble across something that reminds me of how smart it actually is.  This Atlanta home is clearly built on this foundation.  The homeowners have a great art collection that injects colour and energy into some of the gathering rooms.  And you can see that they are entertainment ready! But there are still quiet and calm spaces too.  How about that fabulous kitchen and breakfast room! It's bold but not harsh.  The bedroom is so cozy too.  And take note: sometimes we worry about the windows and walls all lining up perfectly.  The night table is siting in the middle of a wall and a window, and it's the drapery that forms a lush backdrop.   

Images via Atlanta Homes Mag
Interior Design Howard Design Studio

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  1. Good Point about the night table...sometimes we "stew" about some of the silliest things...

  2. i love black and white themed rooms=)

  3. Calm and classic injected with pops of colour - I love it. The warm wood in the white kitchen is really great. TY

  4. Love Atlanta Homes. Just caught up on recents posts! Loves them all!
    Hope all is great!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  5. I often feel the same way. I want to see a pop of color - even the slightest injection and then I swoon for a deliciously neutral home like the one featured.

  6. Wall color selection is very nice. and flooring and ceiling are also awesome.. I loved it.

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