Townhouse Envy


Oh Spring is in the air! I can smell the trees, and the sun shines bright and the cold of winter has finally subsided. In case you haven't noticed I have been hiding under a rock lately.  Thanks for all your emails and notes, and for sticking with me while I took a few breaths.  So here I sit browsing from Architectural Digest, to the portfolio of Architect Steven Harris, to his press page, and then to Elle Decor to find that this breathtaking townhouse belongs to Francesca Connolly of Remodelista.  The images shown are from Steven Harris's site, and it was styled a little differently for Elle Decor. Nonetheless, every detail is delicious.  From the velvety fabrics, to the trim under the staircase, to the steel windows, and the hand carved fireplace mantels, this refreshing spaces mixes modern, traditional, elegance and casual. 

Images via Steven Harris

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  1. Fabolous use of light and great sash windows, i would love to live in a home like this!

  2. Gorgeous place! That window bench is very chic.


  3. The rooms float. I know design is most of it, but the photos are remarkable. Well done all around.

  4. Most definitely townhouse envy. Gorgeous.

  5. I like how simple and elegant this whole design is. I am not a huge fan of the color splashes that they decided because I would use more vibrant colors instead of blue.

  6. That tree makes the entire picture :D

  7. I certainly have townhouse envy after looking at these photos! I do admire the design and overall look of each room, however I do also feel that it is a bit bland, and I don’t want to offend, but a few brighter colours or some gold tints could really bring out the character of certain areas.


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